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Providing Everything You Need

DoP & Director

Director Of Photography

Gearbox Productions is responsible for the creative and technical translation of a screenplay to the movie image  and bears total responsibility for the entire photographic process.


Gearbox Productions is responsible for the total execution of your film project. In this we take the artistic direction of the filming process.

Scouting location

Our team determines and investigates the locations where the film/video will be shot. We pay attention to: safety risks, ambient light and noise, necessity of permits, accessibility and atmospheric photos.



Camera, Sound, & Light operators


The operators of Gearbox Productions are responsible for the technical operation and equipment of all necessary film equipment.


Gearbox Productions can recruit actors for your film/video. These can be voice actors (voice-over) and film actors. Of course you can also propose your own actors.


Gearbox Productions is responsible for sufficient crew members to ensure the smooth running of the film production.

 Actors & Crew

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